Social, Corporate or Function Bookings

If you are looking around for a place to hold your next social, look no further than the “Moorabbin Bowlo” . We at Moorabbin pride our selfies at organising the best social events including live bands to help you have a great night . In 2018 /19 over 2,500 people during the summer period enjoyed social bowling with a BBQ and live music from small groups of 2 or 3 to large corporate events. The cost is minimal per person as we want to share our facilities with everyone in the local community.

Type of Event held last year include and not limited too

  • Social Barefoot Bowls – small group (Under 10 people)
  • Social Barfoot Bowls Function – (Over 10 People)
  • Booking the Club House for a function
  • Birthday Parties
  • The Corporate challenge cup
  • Trivia Nights

When emailing your enquiry to  please include the following information

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Date of Event:- 

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